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Please support the Key Peninsula Civic Center with your fireworks purchases this year!

The Key Peninsula Civic Center is a private non-profit and does not receive any tax dollars to keep our doors open and available to the public.

We rely on fundraisers, rentals, and special events to provide the community with the programs and services hosted here at the Center, including Skate Night, Club Cosmic, Indoor Park, Little Buddies, WIC Clinic, meeting space for the Boy Scouts and various 4-H clubs, taekwondo and tennis classes, art workshops, and more.

Children's Home Society, the KP News, Two Waters Arts Alliance, and the KP Historical Society Museum all rely on the Civic Center for office and museum space. The Center is also home to the Fresh Food Revolution Co-op, Historic Vaughn Bay Church, Key Peninsula Baptist Church, Key Peninsula Lions, and the Key Peninsula Senior Society.

Buying fireworks from the KP Civic Center keeps the KP economy strong by keeping your dollars here on the Key Peninsula. The reduced rentals during the summer months makes our fireworks stand an important fundraiser every year. THANK YOU for your support!

Proceeds from this fundraiser benefit the Key Peninsula Civic Center.

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The Key Peninsula Civic Center Association, through its facility and the effort of its members, fosters and promotes the civic, social, cultural and general well-being of the Key Peninsula community.

Remember, we are a private 501(c)3 non-profit, and do not receive any government or tax funding to support the cost of maintenance and upkeep at the Civic Center. We rely solely on rentals, donations, and our fundraisers to cover the expenses of operating the Civic Center.

Spring is an especially difficult time at the Civic Center, due to cost of heating the facility, annual maintenance projects, and property tax bills. If you're not able to join us for our most recent fundraiser, but are interested in helping out around here, please register online to become a "Friend of the Key Peninsula Civic Center" - we promise, no Board meetings!!


Thank you for your support!!

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Fridays, Sept - June:

Club Cosmic (Teens)
2nd & 4th Fridays:


June 17: Pierce County Council Meeting, 6:30pm

June 28 - July 4: Fireworks Stand, 10am - 9pm (KPCCA)

Oct 11: Flavor of Fall, TBD (KPCCA)

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Th 07/10: Board Meeting, 7pm

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June 24-27: 10am - 1pm
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